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Specialty Prostheses

Specially designed prostheses are often required when an amputee wants to perform activities that exceed day to day ambulation or activities.

APC Prosthetics continues to lead the profession in prosthetic innovation. Our team is internationally recognised in specially designed and sporting prostheses in a broad range of activities including athletics, skiing, cycling, golf, weightlifting and more. If you are interested in competitive or social sporting activities, we are happy to provide contact details for the respective sports institutes and sporting bodies.

Waterproof Prostheses

The most common specialty prosthesis is a waterproof prosthesis, which enables the amputee to use the prosthesis for tasks involving water, such as showering, swimming, or accessing the beach. Recent development of waterproof fibreglass feet have provided great advances in water-based recreational activity, and specially designed devices are also available to allow for the use of flippers.

Recreational Prostheses

The development of “hybrid” prosthetic components has expanded greatly, in particular the numerous designs of prosthetic feet which allow the amputee to access a wide range of recreational activities without compromising general walking e.g. Cheetah Xplore, Pro-Flex XC Torsion, etc.

Task Specific Prostheses

A prosthesis used for a specific task/sport/activity – e.g. A weightlifting arm, drawing attachment, skiing or running prosthesis, etc.

If you have any questions about specially designed prostheses, please contact us.

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