Lower Limb Amputation

Leg Amputation

Lower Limb and Leg Amputation is a life changing experience. Our APC Prosthetics team are here to help with every step of this journey. Our philosophy is to work with new amputees to comprehensively assess their needs, establish their requirements and deliver the appropriate solutions.

The first phase of the prosthetic rehabilitation process is what is known as an Interim Prosthesis. This process typically begins approximately 6 weeks after the leg amputation when the wound has sufficiently healed. Following the use of a stump shrinker (a specialised compression sock for amputees) to stabilise the limb, our prosthetic team will then go through the process of making a plaster cast of the residual limb, which is modified for each client to achieve a comfortable socket.

There are many methods of suspending a prosthesis to the limb and the prosthetist will select the most appropriate for the client/patient. The socket is attached with various connective componentry to a prosthetic foot. Like with suspension systems, there are hundreds of feet available, and the prosthetist will prescribe a prosthetic foot that best suits the ability, potential and goals of the patient.

When the interim prosthesis is ready, the client will return for their first prosthetic fitting where our team will assess the socket-fit and determine optimal alignment. It is expected that the residual limb will go through changes in shape and volume for the first months, which means the first prosthesis will undergo regular modification. For more information around lower limb amputation and leg amputation, please fill out the contact form below and one of our amazing team members will get in touch with you.

For more information on Lower Limb Prosthetics please read more here.


Young child receiving advice around leg amputation


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