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Osseointegration is the structural connection between living bone and a load- carrying metal implant. First introduced into dentistry in the 1960s, Osseointegration has been an option for some lower and upper limb amputees since the 1990’s in Europe. The prosthetic components are attached directly to the implant via a connector, eliminating the use of a traditional socket. Whilst there may be numerous functional benefits to Osseointegration, there are also a variety of advantages and disadvantages to explore when considering if this option is right for you.

APC Prosthetics has been actively involved in the establishment of amputee services for Osseointegration users since its introduction to Sydney in 2010 and we have been managing over 500 amputees who have undergone the procedure. If you would like to find out more about this, please ask to speak to one of our prosthetists.

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