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Our APC Prosthetics team can custom design prosthetic arms for you, for improved comfort and function using lightweight, reliable materials. Our team will work closely with you to agree on a prosthesis that is the appropriate fit for you based on level of amputation, functional capabilities, goals, and activities you enjoy to the best of your abilities.

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Cosmetic & Passive Prosthetic Arms

A cosmetic prosthetic arm does not usually provide active functionality and they are commonly designed to resemble a lifelike arm. These can be used as a supportive guide when using your opposite limb and for maintaining muscle usage of the proximal muscles. Some options available to make this resemble a limb can include a cosmetic stocking, silicone cover or exoskeletal prosthesis with a pigment mixed in to match the colour of the skin. If there is a specific design that you have in mind and you’d prefer to have a pattern, logo, or picture on your prosthesis, it is important to discuss this with your prosthetist so we can design the perfect prosthetic to suit you.

Pictured to the right is a Passive Prosthetic Arm which allows this paediatric client to ride their bike. The terminal device can be easily unscrewed and replaced with other devices which makes this very versatile for the clients needs, goals and ambitions.

prosthetic arms

Specialty Prosthesis

There are a few options available, the most common type of specialty prostheses are body powered which allow the user to control the hand or hook by a harness system fitted around their chest and shoulder. Another option is the externally powered prostheses controlled by a battery powered electric motor, with sensors that pick up the EMG signal on the skin to control the prosthetic arms elbow or wrist. Hybrid systems can be used for above elbow amputees and are a combination of externally and body powdered prostheses which provide a functional elbow and hand.

To achieve the best outcomes for our clients, we are willing to go above and beyond to create a prosthesis to best suit your needs whether this be a cosmetic or a specialty prosthetic arm. If you would like to learn more about upper limb prosthetics click the button below.

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