APC Day 2023

On March 31, 2023, APC held our biannual Group Meeting Day, where all four branches gathered in one location for a day of information sharing, presentations, and enjoyment!

The morning session began with Managing Director Michael Storey, who discussed our successful 2022. He warmly welcomed new team members, acknowledged important work anniversaries, and celebrated a year of manufacturing limbs and providing outstanding service to our amputee community. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, we explored future aims, goals, and targets, ensuring our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We aimed to make the upcoming year even more remarkable than the last. Before splitting into three separate streams (clinical, technical, and administration) to delve into each aspect of our business, Branch Managers provided brief updates about each location. Moreover, fortunate clinicians who recently attended the AAOP Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, gave an engaging presentation accompanied by a slideshow of photos and country music!

Following a brief break for tea and some heartwarming moments with Lisa from the Tuggerah branch, who visited during her maternity leave, we formed smaller groups for in-depth discussions. The Clinical team engaged in fruitful conversations that could have continued well into the weekend if not for our return to our respective homes. As usual, our NDIS discussion was exceptional, allowing us to delve deep into our NDIS processes. This was a key focus of our day, ensuring continued engagement with the NDIS, excellent services to NDIS participants, and optimal outcomes. A notable addition to this year’s agenda was sharing complex case studies from each branch, providing an opportunity to leverage our collective experience and find solutions. As the saying goes, 29 heads are better than one!

The group meeting was a valuable opportunity for our admin team to gather and share our expertise in person. Over the past year, we welcomed numerous new team members, making it even more fulfilling to see everyone exchanging knowledge and building stronger relationships. The highlight of the day was Paul, APC Hunter Branch Manager, presenting Prosthetic 101. The admin team found it immensely valuable and engaging, as it provided insight into the industry and APC’s positive impact. This newfound knowledge will enable our administration team to better understand client needs and ask relevant questions without disrupting the clinicians’ work.

The APC Day was a fantastic occasion for the technical team to come together, foster stronger relationships, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. We had several sessions covering a range of topics, from work health and safety to innovative concepts being explored. These sessions were highly engaging and informative. Our group discussions sparked great ideas and led to innovative solutions. Overall, the day featured high-quality content tailored to the practical nature of our profession. Each team member gained valuable takeaways to implement in their workshops.

APC Day (and future similar events) allows us to unite as a team, harness our collective skills, knowledge, and expertise, and create industry-leading devices that perfectly align with our clients’ goals and daily activities.

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