APC Blood Drive

“As a first-time donor, I was feeling the nerves, but it was great to have the support of my colleagues around me and made for an overall fun and rewarding experience!” – Amber Gorman: APC Northmead, Prosthetist. 

A group of employees from our APC Northmead branch rolled up their sleeves and participated in a blood donation drive. The team were lucky enough to have access to a donation centre’s courtesy bus, which picked them up in groups throughout the day. The group consisted of some first-timers through to some veteran donors. Together, the team donated a mix of plasma and whole blood. Special mention to Michelle Jones who was up to her 10th plasma donation! 

After answering some key questions and checking important things like Haemoglobin levels, the donation process only took about 10 minutes.  Energy was returned with the help of lots of goodies from the refreshment station. While the choccy milk & sausage rolls were a treat, the real reward of the day was knowing that each person helped save three lives, in less than two hours. The team are looking forward to arranging another drive later in the year. 

As a team, APC has saved a total of 69 lives this year already! If donating blood is something you are willing and able to do, join the APC Lifeblood team, and make your donation count towards our tally.  

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