Sydney Zoo Day

Some of the Northmead APC team attended the Amputees NSW Sydney Zoo Day, organised by Emma Ridgeway, a board member of Amputees NSW. The event served as an opportunity for children living with limb loss and limb differences to build connections and friendships while exploring Sydney Zoo. It was a wonderful time for amputees to connect in a unique way which saw two young prosthetic users comparing their sockets with one another.  

We saw some familiar faces including young clients Hudson Wan, Lani Ryan and Maximus Kolodynski with their families. Amber, Rosie and Natalie reported back to the rest of the branch that it was a great day had by all. Thanks for organising, Amputees NSW, we can’t wait for the next event! 

MEC Canada Conference

During the month of August 2022, APC Prosthetists, Paul Nixon and Joellen McPhan attended the Myoelectric Controls Symposium in Fredericton Canada. The conference focus was exclusively on upper limb prosthetics, specifically on myoelectric arms.

The event served as an opportunity for amputees within the community to share their stories and experiences using prosthetic limbs. Matthew Ames, a quadrilateral amputee from Australia gave a moving presentation on the ‘highs and lows’ of his life since his amputation with his experience with prostheses and other assistive technology (AT). Matthew highlighted the importance of a prosthetist’s role in fitting patients with products that meet their daily functional needs, weight, and personal requirements. Paul Nixon said this gave him “a new perspective on how to measure and validate the quality of the service we give to our clients at APC Prosthetics”.

Companies such as Össur, Naked Prosthetics, IBT, Fillauer, Point Designs and Aether Biomedical presented their product range, prescription principles and case studies in vendor workshops. Showcases of modern technology were on display, such as, pattern recognition – using muscle ‘patterns’ to make using the prosthesis feel more intuitive, and virtual reality simulations for prosthetic training and the treatment of pain. The conference provided insights from current research on the technology that makes up myoelectric prostheses including:

  • Sensory Feedback: getting feeling back through the prosthesis and how this is being shown to give additional function to the prosthesis user.
  • Targeted Muscle Re-Innervation: surgical technique to improve the individual’s control over their prosthesis.

Attending the MEC Symposium has helped to increase the knowledge of our prosthetists in the niche world of myoelectric prostheses. Simultaneously allowing the team to network – developing invaluable relationships with colleagues from Australia and around the world, promoting idea sharing and creating an opportunity to potentially collaborate in the future.

Amputees NSW Family Fun Day

Join us for a FAMILY FUN DAY with Amputees NSW at the Australian Reptile Park!

Participate in outdoor activities surrounded by nature and wildlife, followed by a catered BBQ lunch to meet and connect with peer families in our Community. There’s lots of room for kids to explore and get up close to the animals.

Easy transport with plenty of onsite parking available or a short taxi ride from the train station.

  • Date: 29-Oct-2022
  • Time: 10:30am
  • Location: Australian Reptile Park: Pacific Highway, Somersby NSW 2250

Click here to register

Adults: $30 (Members ($40 Non-Members)
Children: $19.50 Members ($24 Non-Members)
Not a member yet? It’s easy, you can apply online.


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