NDIS Participants Guide To Your Planning Meeting

Your planning meeting is where you discuss your functional goals and any funding requirements you require for the life of your next NDIS Plan.

Prior to meeting with your NDIS Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC), we recommend our participants contact our NDIS Administration Staff at APC Prosthetics to discuss your requirements, so they can assist in formulating the finer details for discussion with your Local Area Co-ordinator at your meeting.


Key points to discuss during your initial planning meeting

  1. Provision for Maintenance: this includes the cost of maintenance to your current limb. Please note an assessment, quotation and Assistive Technology Request is required by NDIS. This cost should be included under Capacity Building (CB) Daily Activity, please account 4-6 hours for the report and 8 hours for maintenance.
  2. Provision for Capital Supports/Assistive Technology: this will include the funding for your prostheses. Please note these items need to be quoted and approved through the Assistive Technology approval process.
  3. Provision for Core Supports: this includes ongoing low-cost consumables related to your prostheses, such as socks and sprays. Please note higher cost consumables need to be quoted and approved.


We recommend requesting for your NDIS Local Area Co-ordinator’s phone number and email address, so we can communicate with them directly if you require us to do so.

If you would like to have a chat about the NDIS and how we can help you prepare for your planning meeting, please contact your local APC NDIS Coordinator.


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