NDIS Introduces PACE


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the implementation of the Participant/Provider Alternative Cloud Environment or for short PACE system, revolutionizing efficiency, and user-friendliness. PACE, the new billing system introduced by NDIA marks a significant milestone in enhancing the NDIS experience for both participants and providers. 

Key Updates of PACE: 

  1. Rollout Details 

The PACE system officially commenced its rollout in New South Wales on 30 October 2023. This new system is set to replace the current online system and MyPlace Portal introducing a new era of streamlined processes. 

  1. Changes for Participants 
  • New participants: Those receiving a NDIS plan for the first time will have their plans created in PACE 
  • Existing Participants with Changes: Participants experiencing changes in circumstances or support needs will undergo plant assessment in PACE from 31 October 2023 
  • Plan expiry between November 2023 and Late February 2024: Plans expiring during this period will either undergo a rollover or be transitioned to a new PACE plan if any changes are required. 
  • Plan Expiry After February 2024: Plans expiring after February 2024 will progressively transition to plans created in PACE 
  1. Changes affecting Participants and Providers: 
  • Endorsed Providers: Participants now have the authority to endorse their chosen service providers, enhancing the payment process and granting greater autonomy in provider selection 
  • New Portals: Both participants and providers will benefit from new, user-friendly portals designed to elevate their NDIS experience. 
  • Access to Participants’ Plans: Registered providers, support coordinators, and plan managers will have improved access to view participants’ plans with appropriate consent. 
  • No More Service Bookings: PACE eliminates service bookings, reducing administrative burdens and providing participants with greater flexibility in accessing services. 
  1. Impact on Current NDIS Plans: 

PACE will not affect existing plans until it is time for plan reassessment. Participants will continue with their current arrangements until a seamless transition during plan renewal. 

  1. For New Participants 

New Participants will be introduced to PACE during their planning meetings, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly NDIS experience from the start 

  1. Endorsing Providers on PACE 

Once you are on the PACE system, you will need to endorse APC Prosthetics for your prosthetic providers. This will ensure the seamless continuity of our services. The endorsement can be done: 

  • During a new plan, participants confirm their choice of providers 
  • Contacting the NDIA National Call Centre or your Local Area Coordinator to express their endorsement. 

If APC Prosthetics isnt listed as your service provider, payments or approval may experience delays compared to the usual processing time. If you need assistance with this, please contact our admin team. 

  1. Provider Access to Participant Information: 

Registered providers, including APC Prosthetics, can view participants’ goals and nominee details with appropriate consent. Sharing goals with us ensures the best outcomes for you.  

  • To access this information, participants will be asked to fill a consent form 
  • You can OPT OUT of any information you do not wish to share with us 
  • Only your plan managers and support coordinators have access to funding information, therefore APC will still need to verify funding availability by contacting your appointed plan managers. 




APC Prosthetics is fully prepared for the PACE System. Stay tuned to our websites, social media channels and newsletters for future updates and detailed information. We are committed to providing the best possible support and outcomes for our participants. 


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