Nathan Brown’s Story as a Graduate

I had first heard about the APC Graduate Program during a presentation at La Trobe University, after which I immediately applied to with my CV and Cover Letter. I was then selected for the program and began a two-month placement with APC Prosthetics in 2021 before starting the role in 2022. The experience has been amazing, and I feel incredibly lucky to be supported by the company to have a further period of learning and development, an opportunity a lot of other graduates don’t get.

Since January, I have honed in on my technical skills, making over 100 prosthetic devices of varying types, from pin and lock systems to pelite liners and foam covers. I have worked predominantly with the technical team, but everyone at APC Prosthetics has been so welcoming and helpful. I have already made long-lasting friendships in the short six months of knowing the team. With only six months left of my technical year, I aim to focus on more technically complex prosthetic devices. Additionally, I will begin to see patients – something I am very much looking forward to.

If you are considering the Graduate Program, my advice would be to simply apply! Not only is APC an incredible place to work in terms of its facilities and people, but the knowledge and experience you will gain in such a supportive environment will undoubtedly set you apart from other professionals. I hope to see you here soon!














To find out more about APC’s Graduate Program, click here.

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