Mobility Clinic on The Snow

Mobility Clinic on the Snow is a 4-day event designed for amputees to learn basic skills such as skiing, snowboarding and sit skiing. The event was sadly put on hold from 2020 due to restrictions caused by the pandemic and was finally reopened for the first time since in August 2022. This year the event welcomed 8 Athletes, of all ages and abilities to participate in the event which was hosted by Össur in collaboration with Disability Winter Sports Australia.

Congratulations to APC Clients Jeanti, Sami, Tilda and Nick for their attendance at the event which saw them participate in a range of snowboarding and skiing exercises led by Össur Head Coach, Joany Badenhorst. The Athletes were partnered with a guide from Disabled Winter Sports Australia to ensure that their mobility goals on the snow were achieved.


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