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There are many different options when it comes to cosmesis, and your prosthesis. For both upper and lower limb, it’s vital to consider what is important to you so that your prosthetist can design a prosthesis that not only is functional to you, your lifestyle and goals, but you can accept, want to wear and be proud of.  The more we can make your prosthesis be a part of your life, whether it be from blending in or standing out, we are willing to try and make it happen!


Cosmesis Realism

For some, they want their prosthesis to look as close to an intact leg or their sound side as possible. This often helps these users to accept their prosthesis and promotes higher usage/wear rate. The level of realism attainable depends on your funding body.

Some options available are:

  • Foam cover shaped in house to resemble your sound side.
    • Covered with a cosmetic stocking.
    • Covered with a silicone cover ordered and fabricated externally. These vary in price dependant on level of detail.
  • Exoskeletal prosthesis – either solid or hollow prosthesis without modular components, made in-house & shaped to your measurements, with a pigment mixed in to match your skin tone.


Other prosthetic users prefer their device to represent their fashion sense, their favourite football team, a favourite colour or even have tattoos! For these clients, there are many options for cosmesis that we can achieve both in-house or work with external companies to order in a cosmetic option right for you.

  • Provide your prosthetist with fabric of your choice to be embedded into the lamination of your socket.
  • Choose a colour of pigment to be mixed into the resin for your socket.
  • Your prosthetist can take measurements and order a removable cover for you from companies such as Alleles and UNIQ. These can be beneficial also in filling out long pants and protecting your clothing from the componentry/preventing tears.

There are many more options available so if you have something specific in mind it is important to talk to your prosthetist early on so we can make your prosthesis just right for you!

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