Comfort, Function & Lifestyle – The APC Philosophy

At APC Prosthetics we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible outcome. We are focused on achieving maximum comfort and function to allow our patients the best possible lifestyle.

There are two essential factors to achieve comfort

  1. Socket design and fit
  2. How the forces are absorbed by the stump/socket interface

Socket design and fit revolve around correctly determining the shape of the prosthetics socket and successfully distributing forces created when you are walking or standing on your residual limb. The appropriate socket design and liner material is determined by a skilled Prosthetist to ensure optimum socket comfort.

The keys to achieve best possible function are a comfortable socket, selection of the right components and the correct alignment of your prosthesis.

The selection of the appropriate components is a very important factor to achieve a successful outcome. Because most components are designed for specific activities and specific lifestyles, a comprehensive patient assessment is necessary to determine the right components for each patient and enable them to lead the lifestyle they desire.

The correct alignment of the prosthesis is a vital element to successful function. It means determining the correct position of the socket and components relative to each other.

When all these factors work together in harmony, the result is optimum comfort, function and lifestyle.

  • APC Prosthetics Team
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