Care for your Liner

Liner Care

If you have a prosthetic liner you should wash it on a daily basis. Never put your liner in a washing machine or clothes dryer, as it may damage or even destroy it. Ensure the soap/detergent you use is non-abrasive, mild and no fragrance. These substances and harsh detergents and chemicals can slowly eat away at the silicone or gel and reduce the life of your liner.


How to clean your liner

Step 1: Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wipe it out

Step 2: Dry it with a towel and leave it overnight to dry completely.

Step 3: Leave liner to dry the right way out (silicone/gel on the inside). This ensures no dust or other particles will stick to the inner surface. Note: Leaving the liner rolled up or inside out can warp the shape and damage the inner surface which can lead to skin abrasions and irritations.

Tip: Quick refresh! During a sweaty day you can do a quick refresh by only cleaning the inside of the liner and drying with a chamois or micro fibre towel. Not getting the fabric outer wet means you can get on with the rest of your day with a fresh liner.

Deep cleaning: You can completely submerge your liner in warm, soapy water to deep clean the outer layer of protective fabric as it is required.

Make sure to remove any grit, skin or fluff from the inside of your liner, as this can cause both skin irritation/rubs or reduce the effectiveness of the suspension of the liner.

It is important to rinse out the liner with clean water (no soap) to remove any soapy residue as this can cause skin irritation/contact dermatitis.

Residual Limb Care Guide

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