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APC Northmead

2 Redbank Rd.
Northmead NSW 2152
TEL +61 2 9890 8123
FAX +61 2 9890 8124

APC Alexandria

Suite 1, 170-180 Bourke Rd.
Alexandria NSW 2015
TEL +61 2 9890 8123
FAX +61 2 9890 8124

APC Hunter

7 Ailsa Rd.
Broadmeadow NSW 2292
TEL +61 2 4969 8700
FAX +61 2 4969 8755


To all our clients thanks for choosing APC for for so many years! We'd love to hear your story and why you choose APC as ur prosthetic provider. If you like, send us a message with your story. #ichooseapc #apcprosthetics #prosthetics #amputee #paralympics #nolimits ... See MoreSee Less

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Bilateral BK sockets with Koi fish on them made by Dennis. The fabric were normal t-shirts before they were turned into a great socket design. #ichooseapc #apcprosthetics #amputee #prosthetics #paralympics #belowkneeamputee #belowknee ... See MoreSee Less

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Meet Mia, an adventurous little girl who is testing the strength of our work. Follow her journey on Instagram @miasbigadventure or like her page on Facebook www.facebook.com/miaslittlelegbigadventure/
#apcprosthetics #ichooseapc #prosthetics #pffd
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Can't wait to head back and see you guys in a few weeks! Mia's been giving this leg a real workout. Riding bikes, adventuring around the city and running around playgrounds! What pattern shall we choose this time? 🌈💕

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Examples of silicone skins. These showing have different colours, one has fake hair, one even got a tattoo.
At our branch in Alexandria Bernardo is making all kinds of silicone jobs from single fingers, partial hands, feet, cosmetic covers and much more. #ichooseapc #apcprosthetics #amputee #prosthetics #silicone #siliconeskin
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The best way I can describe the staff at APC would be to say, “They are my mates”!

Adam Bates – C-Leg User

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