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The guys at APC Prosthetic’s are great and are always there to support me and my needs. They keep up to date on all the tech and events for amputees – it’s because of them I found out about AMP Camp, learned to snowboard and longboard, and had the leg adjusted to do it.

Dwayne Fernandes

Bilateral Amputee, Tower Climber and Retro Running World Record Holder


Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Legs

Lower limb prosthetic devices have three separate components which consist of prosthetic legs, knees, and foot & ankle. These prosthetic limbs are generally made up of a socket that is custom-made to everyone’s residual limb as well as a combination of prosthetic components and other connective parts that joins the socket and components together.

Prosthetic legs come in various shapes sizes and designs, and clients may want to choose a custom design to be added to the final lamination of the leg. Alternatively, the option to make their legs look as cosmetic as possible with the same skin tone to look like their other limb.

prosthetic leg limb

Prosthetic Knee, Foot & Ankle

Prosthetic knee units can become adaptive to your environment which is essential when walking on slopes and stairs. The improvement in these prosthetic limbs allows clients to have the opportunity to achieve their goals and get the most out of their prostheses.

Prosthetic Foot and Ankle provide stability as well as flexibility for efficient and comfortable walking. Waterproof options are available in the shape of fins is available for those clients who love getting in the water, for swimming or surfing for example.

prosthetic limb with converse shoe

Prosthetic Arms, Hands & Fingers

Upper limb prostheses are designed to replicate the prosthetic arms to the look and function of a human arm. There are many different options which include but are not limited to passive and myoelectric prosthetics.

Prosthetic hands are interchangeable to make it easier for the clients to have the hand they need for a specific activity. Sport-specific prostheses are available for clients who participate in sports such as golf, fishing, bike riding, for example.

There are some low-level activity uses for these prosthetic limbs, for example for the client being able to grab a larger tool such as brooms, mops that require two hands to hold. The general use of custom tools makes it easier to do everyday tasks or allows the purpose of the user’s job e.g., hammer, cutlery, etc.


prosthetic arm limb

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