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Moto Knee 2

Recently, a client came for a review of his Trans-femoral (above-knee) prosthesis.  He mentioned during the consultation about having seen a knee and foot that were suitable for motocross, skiing and other extreme sports (something he has quite an interest in).

We discussed the different options available for doing these kinds of sports and what type of prosthesis, including socket designs, components and materials may work.  From this a prescription was developed. The particular knee and foot that was decided upon was a Moto Knee and Versa Foot.

Versa foot

This is designed and manufactured in the US for the specific purpose of extreme sports – including water sports such as wake boarding – http://www.biodaptinc.com/.

We have recently fitted the finished prosthesis (following a couple of socket and alignment check fittings), and it is currently being trialed.



motorcross legHere is a picture of the prosthesis during the check fit stage (it looks even tougher with the finished carbon fibre socket attached!):

The client is really happy with the knee and foot for a number of reasons:

  • He finds that rather than just absorbing shock during knee bend, the knee actually assists him in returning from a crouched position to standing (particularly useful in extreme sports).
  • The foot also absorbs shock, allowing for a simulation of the normal knee and ankle function.
  • The myriad of customisable settings on the knee and foot give him the ability to tailor the settings to each individual activity.
  • The knee can be used in water sports as well.

If you are interested in finding out about this particular knee and foot or other components like them that would help you with your sport, ask your prosthetist for more details.

As with any prosthetic component, this is not something that is suitable for every amputee, and there may be something else more suitable for you.


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Please note: The Moto Knee & Versa Foot is NOT available under the NSW PLS.