The people behind the scene

You might meet the prosthetist at clinic for casting and then again some days later for fitting of your new prosthesis. But who’s behind the work that goes into each and every prosthetic?

Once the cast is back in the workshop it is filled with plaster to get the exact shape of the residual limb. The plaster mould is then modified by the prosthetist using measurements taking during casting.

Behind the scene

The socket needs to be laminated, aligned, grinded and then assembled. These processes are critical for each prosthetic in ensuring a good product. The time between the casting until fitting of the new prosthesis includes several hours of hard work.

We have a great group of technicians who play a crucial role in the manufacturing of the prosthesis. They work very hard during this process not to mention having to meet tight deadlines set by stressed prosthetists.

From the casting until you walk out with your new prosthesis you can be sure there is more than one person that has been involved in making your new prosthesis.

A big THANK YOU to the guys & girls behind the scenes!

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