The Opening Ceremony – Preparations in the Village

It’s 7 o’clock, all hands on deck at the main repair center.  The Major task for the day was to mount flag holders onto the wheelchair of each country’s flag bearer (if they were wheelies).


So, what were we using to make sure the flags would fly straight while they lead their countries out into the stadium at tonight’s opening ceremony?
A hollow tube and some serious cable ties – high tech stuff!

Of the many countries I helped, (the Czech republic, NZ, Spain, Iran to name a few) I took the most care fixing our very own Greg Smith’s chair – I wasn’t planning on the Aussie flag coming out at some crazy angle or a gust of wind knocking it over!

On a break from the repair center I took a tour of the village, only to find the Swiss, Laos and Indonesian teams flag holders had to be “recalled”, due to faulty cable ties!  Managed an offsite repair for the Laos athlete in his apartment – only him and 3 officials have come over.

Ran into the Aussie camp on my travels and was given the full tour of their impressive set up by Alison Campbell, the APC’s Sports Science and Sports Medicine manager.  They have 40 bio-medical/medical people over here looking after our Team.  With 161 athletes that is 1 for every 4 athletes!

They even have ice baths – over 100 Aussie athletes go in them every day … not sure why they need the ice baths … it was cold enough today. Did somebody say this was summer? Or does it go from summer straight into winter over here?

Ran into Jack Swift in the camp with a pressure area in his socket that needed some relieving – made sure he gave me a visit in the repair centre straight after an MRI.  The adjustment seemed to make a big difference.  Hopefully the wound will have a chance to heal before race day.

Lunch was with Carlee Beatie and Coach Brett Jones – ran into Ryley Batt and Chris Bond in the dining hall as well.

Finished at 3pm, so that we could get to the Opening Ceremony.

Great night, big crowd, Steven Hawkins and the Queen, to name a few, but bl#@#@ cold.  I had to resort to using my Aussie flag as a scarf.  On the tube back home with about 60,000 others, I ran into the Jack Swift Fan club – Small world.

Its 2:45am ……Mmmm Sleep!!!