The debate rages on around Oscar Pistorius’ blade height “protest”

Well …well… well…  Its seems the controversy around Oscar’s race is really gaining some interest.  I woke to messages to contact Radio National on the ABC to give my take on the controversy.

It seems everybody has an opinion, including every Pom on the way back to the hotel last night.  At least my background in prosthetics and dealing with amputee athletes puts some credibility behind my opinion! I also spoke to Stathi Paxinos, a reporter for Fairfax who will be writing an article over the next few days. So stay tuned Age and SMH readers.

I was back at the warm up track today and guess what, we actually had 2 jobs to do.  A Japanese athlete needed his racing wheelchair base plate repaired and a Javelin thrower from Finland needed his throwing frame adjusted.

After my shift and the ABC rescheduling me, I went for a wander through the village and ran into Kelly “basking in the golden glory” Plan is for her and I to catch up with the Howells for a well deserved drink after she has run the 100m final.

I also got to see Kelly’s medal first hand – b%$%# big and b%$%# heavy.  So much so, that the lady who hung it around her neck had to warn her about its weight – because they had troubles with some of the athletes!  No Match for the result of Timmy Mathew’s weights program!


So it wasn’t just me getting calls – Back at Otto Bock, the Irish Prosthetist Donna who used to work with Mr B (Irish Head technician at APC) had been interviewed by nearly every TV station in the world: BBC, ITV, CNN, Sky sports, BBC radio etc.  The Oscar/Alan race and blade height controversy has created a bit of a media storm.

Here’s one of the radio interviews:

Radio National –

Early start tomorrow, till then…..