Sun is shining on the Athletics Stadium

Kicked off today with a morning session at Athletics stadium.  Fantastic weather, and amazing seats close to the start finish line on the main straight, right in front of the medal ceremonies.

 The area is reserved for “the paralympic family”.  Unfortunately no APC athletes were competing but it was seriously moving to hear and see the crowd go wild at a medal presenetation where a GB athlete won the bronze – I couldn’t help admire the Poms for their sheer excitement at one of their own taking home a medal – Stark contrast to the way some of our press treated our Olympians- as if they lost the gold rather than winning silver or bronze.

It was a rather quiet day in the Otto Bock Workshop on the evening shift.  There was quite a run on wheelchair repairs of which I tried not to hinder too much.  I seemed to spend a lot of my time on the sewing machine today – rebuilding an ankle strapping device for an Egyptian athlete and replacing an unusually designed PTB strap from scratch whilst it’s Myanmar owner waited.  This particular sewing machine is not my machine of choice in this workshop.  Whilst it is a high quality, very expensive machine, we are not the best of friends – bit of an on off relationship – and when it is on this industrial baby is seriously on!

I met Ahmed Mustafa, a Quadrilateral amputee swimmer who was adopted from the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Baghdad.  Ahmed and his brother Emmanuel Kelly were both abandoned at the Iraqi orphanage and later rescued by Moira Kelly, the well known humanitarian and founder of Children First Foundation as seen on the ABC show “The Road to London.”  Anyone who saw the documentary will know the difficult road Ahmed  took to get himself to London.  I told him what a legend I thought both he and his brother were. He was dropping in these little knee gaurds he has had made so he can walk on the pool deck on him knees for a repair.

I spent any spare time trying to encourage my co-workers that they should switch shifts with me so I can see Scot Reardon run his 200 at 11:23 tomorrow.  As they were working with me until 11 tonight they were less than keen to start at 7 in the morning.  I will have to try and wing it somehow tomorrow….stay tuned.   Jack swift is on the arvo – it will be a day I would much rather not be working.  I ran into Jack and Kelly in the dining hall for dinner tonight.  Good to hear the adjustment I did the other day has paid dividends and he is back running pain free again – just in the nick of time. Michelle Errichiello is the only APC athlete I haven’t run into yet, I hope to soon.

The Aussie medal count is looking awesome so far, let’s hope tomorrow brings plenty more.