Some colour anyone?


Pop Star

You may have noticed that over the past few weeks our technical gurus have made some really cool looking prosthetic sockets for some really cool people.

The options for the finish of a prosthetic socket are endless. Whilst most prosthetic sockets are made to approximate the human skin colour, the design of a prosthetic socket is an individual choice.Some examples you might have seen on our Facebook page are a very fast Ferrari running leg, a design that provides some extra exposure for a pop singer, an ode to all things pink and many, many more.

A commonly requested “finish” is the high gloss carbon fibre look or a socket that depicts favourite superheroes. Another regular is an “aqua” theme for waterproof or swimming prostheses.


The basic principle is that virtually anything that can be printed on a stretchy material, such as Lycra, can be used as the finishing design of a prosthetic socket. You can also have your socket made in any colour and choose between a high gloss and matt finish.


So, if you have thought about individualising your prosthetic socket, please speak to your friendly prosthetist about it and you are on the way to you unique piece of art.

So long