Michelle Errichiello in the Spotlight

I had a call last night from Michelle Errichiello, very excited to have run in her first and last Parra games. She is now officially retired, 5th from 8 in the final of the 100.   Most impressive was that it was her fastest time in 2 and half years.  She was pumped and rang to thank me for my help. We also teed up a time to meet at the workshop tomorrow afternoon so that she could trial the new 3S80 Sports knee and blade combination.

Being on the late shift I was able to have a quick walk along Oxford St and even a rare 10 min break for a quick lunch at the Marble Arch.

Business as usual back at the main repair facility, lots of wheelchairs, a few prosthetic repairs, as well as hand cycles were now coming in – the last lot being way too high tech for me. I trust myself on my own bike but not one of these beasts about to compete at the top level.

Michelle arrived at the centre looking to do 2 things – firstly to trial the new3S80 knee and secondly to set up one of her blades to be able to go jogging whilst she travels through Europe on a well deserved break with her Hubby.

We did the trial fitting with Jens, the engineer behind the design of this knee.  Having worked on designing many knees for Otto Bock over the last 15 years, he commended on how he has never had such an emotional response from amputees about being able to trial this knee.   Creating the ability to run for the first time is huge and I cannot wait to try it out on as many of APC’s amputees as possible.

The knee trial was great.  Michelle has very little clearance between the end of her stump and the ground but we were able to (just) fit the knee and blade under her socket.  From a height perspective this means that it could be fit to any above or through knee amputee as nobody will have less clearance than Michelle.  She loved the knee!  Its swing phase is a lot more rapid than her currently modified 3R80 knee.  She also loved the option of being able to lock the knee as this will open up a lot of other activities – stretching, push ups, abs, weights etc  that are all difficult with a flexing knee. 

The press touring the facility at the time loved being treated to a photo op of Michelle testing the knee and we will apparently starring in the London newspaper this Sunday.  Will be nice to be able to buy a copy, myself.

Next trial will be Scotty Reardon after his heat and final in the 100 tomorrow – things are looking grim for me getting into the stadium for either – no tickets for the morning and I will be working at the finals at the Basketball stadium at night. Will have to find a screen somewhere.  Go Scotty.

As it was Prof Hans George Nader’s Birthday yesterday we all sang him Happy Birthday, along with Sir Phil Craven the head of the IPC as a special guest.  He thanked us all for our hard work and invited us on to his boat, moored on the Thames “The Pink Gin” tomorrow night for a “Thank You” party.  I am working until after midnight tomorrow night so I may be a bit late!

Plenty of wheelchair repairs including one polish guy needing his front casters replaced because one was torn to shreds – he said because the police had shot it out – with the language barrier it was very difficult to determine if he was serious!

Finally got to see the first TV interview I did – http://www.apcprosthetics.com.au/latest-news/the-technology-behind-the-paralympics/

Working at the Basketball tomorrow –hopefully watching the girls in the final – go the Gliders!!