London Paralympics 2012

It’s time to get Excited … the “main event” is about to begin! We have all appreciated the “warm up” … now its down to the serious business.


Make sure that you drop the following dates in your “diary”.

London 2012 Paralympic Games Ceremonies
Opening Ceremony – ABC1 Thursday, August 30 at 5:20am AEST

Closing Ceremony  – ABC1 Monday, September 10 at 5:20am AEST

London 2012 Paralympic Games Coverage
Aug 31 to Sept 9
Morning Coverage – ABC1 4am to 8:30am AEST
Evening Coverage – ABC1 6pm to 7pm AEST
– ABC2 7pm to 11pm AEST

With Cam, Cath & Dave heading over to watch the Paralympics we will have people on the ground to be our “eyes and ears”.  So, make sure that you are dropping in regularly or joining us on Facebook page or hooking up with our RSS feed to hear the latest from London.