Let the Games Begin….

A later start today (2pm -11pm shift today) – this gave me the chance to have lunch with my sister near Oxford Circus.

The first day of competition for the athletes also had a few firsts for me as a Prosthetist:

1: Feelings of betrayal whilst repairing a prosthesis – Why?

The owner of the prosthesis is the Italian world record holder.  She is planning to make Kelly Cartwright and Michelle Errichiello’s job of taking home a medal in the 100 metres even harder.  Sabotage did cross my mind, but I settled on espionage instead and took some photo’s of her prosthesis. The Italians had done some nice work custom building their own carbon adapter – It just needed the help of an Aussie and a German to fine tune it.  The guy in the photo is the one who actually designs/makes the new 3s80 knee. (Good to know – Scott Reardon has a similar shaped adapter that has been machined from aluminium.)


2: I was introduced to and had a chat with Nick Clegg (Britain’s deputy prime minister) whilst the Channel 4 cameras were rolling.


I must say I have a sweet spot for Channel 4 after their brilliant “super Humans” advertising campaign




3: I had a chat to Adam Spencer on ABC Radio 702




The rest of the day was pretty full as well, with even more people dropping in.

Scott Reardon popped in to pick up a spare valve for his running leg;   Donnie Elgin came in to check if he could swing a few Australian jobs my way, as well as run a tour for Dr Millons when he touches down.   Absolutely nothing better, than helping Aussies out so far away from home.  (Even Kiwis that need their lanyard replaced on their above knee socket are great to see.)

Back to speaking of firsts –  Otto Bock have now come up with a very nifty new adapter for mounting sprinting feet and still allowing all important adjustments.  They have also just released a new sports knee (very similar to the modified 3R80 that Scott Reardon and Kelly Cartwright are running on) which has a locking mechanism called the 3s80.

Even more excitingly they have released a trial running kit which comes with different length blades and a very funky height adjustable adapter.  The cool thing with this is any above knee amputee and some below knees will be able to trial running (perhaps for the first time) without having to bore holes in a $4000 foot.


I love this as it means that you will truly be able to “try before you buy” – this will really open running (at any level) up for more amputees.

Until next time