Have you been “inspired” by London?

The excitement from the Paralympics may have settled down but the inspiration lives on!

Have you been inspired to think about getting more active?

Or simply interested to “have a go” at some of the sports that you have now seen from London?

For those people who are in NSW there is the opportunity to “have a go”.

The Australian Paralympic Committee in conjunction with the Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney are hosting a “Return to sport” Expo on the 11th & 12th of October 2012.

Over the 2 days there will be more than 50 sports and recreational activities that you will be able to explore.

And if you are interested in getting a “free flight” to Rio in 2016, there is also a “Paralympic Talent Search” being held on the Thursday prior to the Expo.

So, why don’t you pop along and have a go!

Below are the flyers for both the Expo & Talent Search – make sure that you have a look and get in contact.


For more information about the Expo:

Click Here to read brochure:  Royal Rehab – Return 2 Sport

Jim Towers Ph: 02 9808 9268 E: [email protected]

Rob Price Ph: 02 9808 0549 E: [email protected]


For more information about the Talent Search:








Click Here to read brochure: Talent Search – Sydney 11 October

Kara Retford  Ph: 02 9704 0531 E: [email protected]

Let’s get ACTIVE!