Esthetique Silicone Program (esp) @ APC

… bringing you High Definition Silicone Prostheses

APC Prosthetics has now developed a new program to bring you high definition silicone cosmetic restoration.  The Esthetique Silicone Program (esp) works with you to achieve your desired results, through individualized colour matching and shaping.

Traditionally Prostheses have been designed with the goal of restoring function without replacing the cosmetic loss.

Advances in materials and technology have meant that amazing “life like” prostheses are now not only possible for current prosthetic users: Finger, partial hand, toe and partial foot amputees who have been previously told that there is nothing that can be done can now reconsider their options!

The properties of the silicone used in the Esthetique Silicone Program (esp) allow for superior comfort, seamless transitions and a cosmetic restoration as close to natural as possible. They can also offer considerable functional benefits.

The cosmetic appearance of a silicone prosthesis is modeled on the individual’s unique features. Colour, pigmentation and shape of the sound foot can be matched to any desired detail, resulting in a natural and individual appearance. Another advantage is the seamless transition between the prosthesis and the limb, further enhancing the cosmetic restoration.
We are able to produce high definition silicone prostheses for each of the following levels:

We have achieved some fantastic results for our clients and received only positive feedback from all our clients who have been fitted with them.

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