Cosmetic appearance – What can my prosthesis look like?

A loss of a limb not only causes physical loss of function but can also have significant psychological impact on you, for some even causing depression and anxiety.

For many people with an amputation the cosmetic appearance is crucial in helping to restore their body-image, getting back a sense of themselves, which plays a major factor in enhancing confidence and self esteem.

Today, when it comes to your prosthesis, there are so many more options.  The two main options are as natural as possible or adding your personal flair.

Go Natural:

There are various cosmetic covers that can be found that simulate natural looking skin, featuring micro pigmentation for added depth and realism. These covers may play a role in facilitating the necessary psychological transitions associated with limb loss. You can see more pictures …. Click here.


Adding your personal flare:

Being satisfied with the cosmetic appearance doesn’t always mean having the prosthesis looking like a “normal leg”. You may find that you want to show the knee unit and the carbon fibre foot of your prosthesis. Alternatively, a black carbon fibre socket or a socket with artistic prints and writing may be your personal choice.

Whatever pleases you, at APC we do our utmost to meet your individual needs, so that you have the best possible outcome with your prosthesis.

SO, next time you are having a new socket or leg made – have a chat with your prosthetist about what types of options there are available to put your “individual stamp” on your leg.

Vala Dis Birgisdottir, APC Hunter