Cameron – In front and behind the camera this time

Another 7 am start, although the first job didn’t come through the door until closer to 8am.  It was a wheelchair that needed a complete rebuild, wheels casters, bearings, arm guards etc.  Luckily the four of us had the time to work on it or its owner would have had to sleep for even longer!

Whilst in the process of repairing an Egyptian’s transfemoral prosthesis, the President & CEO of Otto Bock, Professor Hans George Nader, was taking the former German president Christian Wulff on a tour of the facility.  With the Otto Bock cameraman elsewhere, I was asked to be “paparazzi” and had to be behind the camera as they moved around the workshop.

Got caught up in a few other “media opportunities” – a video blog with Brad Ness (Captain of the Wheelchair Basketball team) and an interview with some of the guys from the ABC …


The evening was spent at an Otto Bock running seminar on a new sport specific prosthetics set up.

Before this set up, carbon blades were really only used for elite athletes as their cost and lack of adjustability meant that it was an expensive exercise for someone who was not sure. The really cool thing about this system is it allows all amputees the ability to be able to trial running if they

As far as the often used “F1 analogy” goes, this is where the high tech stuff that I am a part of over here begins to filter down.  This will give a non-elite amputee the chance to run again. I love it, stay tuned for a trial at APC Prosthetics when I get back.desire.It is a fantastic system that incorporates a modified 3R80 knee, Otto Bock’s carbon blade and some awesome adapters that allow both transtibial and transfemoral amputees to be able to trial running.

To give you some insight it has been fitted to a few amputees inside the repair facility- the smile on the dial of a Swiss AK amputee who is working in the facility when he ran for the first time in 40 years said it all.  Oh and it will make our lives a lot easier setting up athletes and trialing different heights and blade category.

Check out the view at the presentation. It was in the Cisco house looking out over the stadiums.

Believe it or not I did get to do some repair work as well today, here’s Ahmed who came back to collect his weight bearing knee gaurds after their repair.

Good luck tomorrow Kelly and Carlee.