Cameron returns …

Warning: skip this blog if you are looking for more on the Paralympics – you will find this far less interesting.

If you haven’t had time to read all 14 of my London Paralympic blogs, they are all below so have a look and listen to see what I was up to over there.


After another failed attempt to find some London 2012 merchandise I met Johnny at Paddington station where we boarded a train to Oxford where Renee picked us up so that I could begin my personal tour of the best sights in Oxford.  Stunning city and amazing to get a guided tour through a few of the ancient colleges (a lot of which were where Harry potter was filmed).  The sheer age (the oldest university in the English speaking world with buildings dating back to the 1200’s!) and beauty of the buildings blew me away.  It makes our own buildings and architecture in Australia seem extremely new and insignificant.

Doing a PHD at Oxford (in an attempt to find the vaccine for Hep C)  allowed Johnny to show us through as many of the colleges as we wanted, Christchurch being the most incredible and grand of the few we saw.  They took me on a tour to an amazing little pub down a back street which had actually been built inside the moat outside the old city wall.  The pub is so old that the ceiling was built to the stature of the people of the time and is no match for our 6 foot plus frames.  Many famous people have done famous things here – more recently, Bill Clinton smoked that joint that he “did not inhale” and Bob Hawke got the world record for sculling a yard glass in 11 seconds.

We went from a beer to a coffee, in one of Oxford’s 2 good cafes. This was followed by a surprise trip on a Punt up a tributary of the Thames to a beautiful little pub on the riverside and ate the most massive traditional pot pie I had ever seen (the only decent pie I had had whilst I was here.) We then tried to walk off some of the pie in a huge meadow beside the water.  What a great day to spend with some great friends who I don’t get to see at the moment.  I think like all my Melbourne buddies, they need some gentle persuasion to make the move to Sydney.

The only nice thing about the 24hr flight home was the fact that each minute brought me closer to my Beautiful wife and my little man Fletch and my baby girl E who has changed so much in my 2 weeks away.