APC Alexandria Opening Night

On Thursday 21st July 2016, the APC Prosthetics Group hosted a night of festivities as we came together to celebrate the official opening of APC Alexandria, Sydney’s newest prosthetic facility since 2004.

The evening kicked off with a walk-through the modern facility, showcasing the new space. The   Alexandria Clinic hosts ‘esp’ (Esthetique Silicone Program), producing high definition silicon solutions through individualised colour matching and shaping. Some of these were on display on the night. Guests were also able to speak with APC staff about the NDIS, Osseointegration and premium solutions for upper and lower extremity amputees.

Australian Paralympian and bestselling author, Don Elgin, joined in the celebrations, sharing his experience with the group and toasted to the opening. The evening continued with refreshments, live entertainment and an opportunity to mingle with attendees and further tour the facility.

Ideally located near Sydney Domestic and International Airports, the Alexandria Clinic makes it easier for interstate and international clients to access our services.