APC E-News – Autumn Edition 2016

At APC Prosthetics, we are dedicated to improving your experience with us along with our services to you and the wider amputee community better.

You may have noticed that APC is looking a little different. Thanks to your feedback, we have made some changes to the look and feel of the APC Prosthetics brand. We are still, as we have always been, dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you, aiming for the best possible comfort, the best possible function and the best possible lifestyle. You will start to see the changes reflected in our print material, on our website and at our facility during your next visit.

The quarterly E-News

You are receiving the first edition of the revived ‘APC E-News’. Once a quarter we will share with you information about what’s happening in prosthetics, your local facility, useful information and upcoming events.

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An Advanced Lifestyle

At APC Prosthetics we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible outcome. We are focused on achieving maximum comfort and function to allow our patients the best possible lifestyle.

The selection of the appropriate components is a very important factor to achieve a successful outcome.

Because most components are designed for specific activities and specific lifestyles, a comprehensive assessment is necessary to determine the right components for each person to enable them to lead the lifestyle they desire.

This assessment involves discussing your goals, as well as understanding & testing what you can and would like to do in your everyday activities. For example: One of the assessments that we use for people with lower limb amputation is called the Amputee Mobility Predictor. This is simply a progressive test that helps us to work out the baseline of your physical capabilities and your potential. (It also allows us to check in on your progress, when repeated.)

The NDIS is coming – are you ready?

If you haven’t heard, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a healthcare program initiated by the Australian government for Australians with a disability that is needs driven and tailored to individuals, giving them choice and control.

The NDIS policy of looking at the whole person is providing significant and improved outcomes, as individualised solutions are being provided. These solutions are based on the participant’s goals and lifestyle needs rather than the basic standardised mobility solutions that have previously been available to participants on the state government scheme. With these tailored solutions, participants have successfully returned to work, or had their lives made easier at work, thereby extending their working life.

The NDIS is being progressively rolled out across Australia. It is for people who are under 65 years old and have a permanent disability, such as limb amputation/deficiency. E.g. An individual born with a congenital limb absence or has had an amputation due to an illness or injury, that is not covered by a transport or WorkCover statutory body.

APC Prosthetics (Hunter) has been part of the NDIS trial site in the Hunter Region for the last 2 years. We have worked with over 30 participants and the feedback about the outcomes of the new system has been overwhelmingly positive.

Gregs NDIS Experience

Greg lost his leg above the knee at the age of 57. After returning to his job as a panel beater Greg found work “too difficult” wearing the state government funded knee he was provided.

5 years on, Greg is an approved NDIS participant and has since been fitted with a micro-processor knee that suits his lifestyle as a busy and active member of the community and local Amputee Association.

Since receiving his NDIS funded prosthetic leg he can now walk up to 6.2 kilometres per hour, is an active member of his gym and is hoping to participate in the City to Surf this year. Greg also likes to take time out in his garden, laying sleepers and digging the soil.

“The best thing for me that has come out of being a participant in the NDIS is that I feel like I have my life back,” Greg enthused. “The microprocessor knee that I now use makes me feel safe for the first time since I lost my leg as it has a fall prevention sensor which makes a huge difference to my day to day life; and this knee unit is something which is not funded under the current public system,” Greg explained.

As you can see the NDIS provides limbs that address the participant’s functional and social goals, as its policy is to look at the whole person!

The NDIS will be rolling out across NSW fully from July 2016. To check to see if you are eligible to be a participant please go to www.ndis.gov.au/my-access-checker.

For more information regarding the NDIS check out some quick references below:

NDIS – http://www.ndis.gov.au/
Limbs4Life – http://limbs4life.org.au/national-disability-insurance-scheme.html