And Now for the Thank You’s

I would like to send out a few thank you’s before I sign off for now.

Thanks to Otto Bock for giving me this awesome opportunity take part in London 2012.  Being put in the position to be able to help so many athletes from so many different countries was gain truly amazing.

Thank you to all of the athletes of the London 2012 Paralympic games for truly making it the best games ever.  Your strength, attitude and remarkable achievements during the games have had a lasting effect on the world, their perception of sport and their perception of ability in the face of disability.  I have truly loved sharing this phenomenal time with you all and have many lasting memories I will cherish for years to come.

To the 161 Australian athletes – you guys rock and have made your country so proud.  Never before has the Australian public got behind you in such force, allowing you to inspire an even larger group of people.

The 40+ staff of the Australian Paralympic committee have done a brilliant job supporting you all in your quest for greatness.

To the 7 athletes APC Prosthetics has had the pleasure of helping, it has been awesome working with each and every one of you and your achievements of 3 gold and 3 silver is truly remarkable.  Thanks for signing the union jack on my flag, it is something I will always treasure.  I am looking forward to our next projects together, as we move towards the world champs and the long wait to Rio 2016.  But first have a beer (or wine), eat some fatty foods and take a well earned relaxing break from training!

Thanks to the British crowd who had to be seen and heard to be believed.  The support they provided to the Paralympics was phenomenal.  Never have I heard such a noise as when a Team BG athlete entered the stadium.  Almost all events were sold out and the atmosphere was a serious step up from previous Paralympics including the much loved Sydney games.

Thanks to the media for realising what the people wanted to know – everything about the Paralympics.  I am passionate about spreading the news because of the great effect I have seen it have on so many people, amputees or able bodied.

Thanks to Fi for keeping the Australian media informed from APC Sydney headquarters and all the great radio interviews and newspaper articles you were part of.

Thanks to Michelle and Fi for helping collate and edit my blogs that were often written at 2am and probably complete messes.

Thanks to the Athlete’s food hall for encouraging an unhealthy association with Coke Zero and starting an addiction to Maccas new caramel Mcflurry.  Having the opportunity to eat whatever I want whenever I want has certainly created a bit of a rude shock now I am back to reality – both when I look at the scales and when I have to prepare my own food!

Thanks also to Skype for allowing me to stay in contact with my beautiful family – I even managed to get fletch to eat his dinner from 17,000 kms away – It would have been even more difficult if I could not see my two babies for such a long time.