Adam Hills Tour

With a later start of 12pm back at Greenwich basketball stadium I had a little free time this morning.  I used it to call APC’s celebrity amputee Adam Hills and arrange for him to come on a tour of the repair facility.  It worked well because he was coming into the village to do a gig for the athletes and the PR manager at Otto Bock, Anna Parisi had seen his show last night and was very excited to see him.

There was a great moment where a quadrilateral amputee, who was a big fan of Adam’s, came up to have his photo taken with him.  He was thanking and congratulating Adam on his show and said how his whole team would watch it every night and they all loved it and loved him.  See Photo.

 Adam was pumped to hear this because the show is “all for the athletes”.  I only wish I had been able to see it – and all you guys back in OZ too, as Chanel 4 is apparently a no go zone.  It is not just the athletes who are enjoying it, the show is reaching over 2M people every night.  The station even dropped all its regular shows, as soon as they saw what the people wanted… The Paralympics.

With two Shire boys, one born and bred in the “Shire” and now moved to Melbourne, the other born and bred in Melbourne and now moved to the “Shire”, I though it appropriate to get a photo of us with the Flag. 

Adam was also the first to sign the Aussie flag.  All of APC Prosthetics’  athletes will follow – look out for it replacing the current flag at APC when I get back!

Apparently the ABC2 show with me in it aired around 9pm Australian time, I haven’t seen it yet, I hope I was not too sweaty after running halfway across London to meet them earlier in the week!

(Editorial note: We are looking for the full version to put up for those that didn’t see it.)

Unfortunately I could only show Adam to the Aussie camp for the gig he was doing for the athletes. (I would have loved to have stayed but was already running late.) I had to “tube” myself to the North Greenwich arena for the men’s Basketball finals.  On arrival there was nobody else from Otto Bock here (I am meant to be stationed with a welder) – thankfully there was no chairs that needed emergency welding!

Back to the Village for the last of my overseas clinic consults, a quick Macca’s and then I raced back to the Basketball Arena to watch the Aussie boys battle it out with Canada for the gold medal match.  Unfortunately they ended up with the silver just like the girls in a close match where the Canadians rolled away with it in the last quarter.

 (Image from

Ran into APC Prosthetics friend Amy Winters and CEO of the APC Jason Hellwig after the game.

Late night again!  Maybe I will get some sleep on the plane!